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Сатин в цвете

And so, I bid you all adieu. Thank you, for everything. ^^

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Blog Shut Down.

Now earlier I mentioned that this shut down was only going to be temporary but deep down I know that this was permanent, I wasn’t ready to say yet to myself but now after I realized where my life is headed, it’s time I shut it down for good and I have come to terms with it. I am so sorry to those of you who loved this blog as much as I have and enjoyed all the posts I made sharing their love. I enjoyed every minute of it and I hope I left you with enough material to know that this is no small couple.

I will never stop loving them, but it’s time to put them away. You may have looked back at the beginning when I started this blog of how angry I sounded over Satine’s death. I started this blog a month before the Lawless aired and this whole time posting, was me coping with that episode, now that I have; it’s come full circle and time for it to end.

Going on over the months I slowly started to understand them more and shared that with you, including the time of when I shared my testimony of why they meant so much to me and helped me with my walk with God. But after my recent discovery of the couple, the one about seeing Obi-Wan’s own ignorance to love and why he’s so cold to the subject of emotions, showed me that Ob-Wan too has his immaturity’s that his character will need to deal with. In a way I grew past him as a Role model.

So to put in Laymen’s terms I love Obi-Wan and Satine, but I love them in the same way you might love your old Childhood toys. (They’re memories, but you don’t need them in the same way you once did.)

Thank you all for your support love and just viewing of this whole love story. It means a lot to me. Goodbye. <3

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A friend I made on Da QueenCelina33 completely surprised me today by mentioning me in her 14 Watchers special! She drew me as Satine because she’s my icon on there.

(I love all the how she depicted her friends with so much colour! ;D)

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Jedi only make things worse

His shampoo didn’t sell to well.

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Both cards by amazing artist, Brandon Lamb. :D

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And the newest line of Jedi shampoo, brought to you by Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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:O (I think this might be my favourtire drawing of Satine ever!) She’s so flawlessly captured.

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I remember finding this on the http://boards.theforce.net/ but that was a long time ago and now it’s no longer on there. But VK Obitine has posted it again, Yea!

I belive the artist is a member named Xcell

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Perfectly framed, excellent smile…Why haven’t I seen this yet?

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This photos was made on StarCon2014 Russia Saint-Petersburg by Artem Suhanov.

I met her on Vk. Guys you have to check out the rest of her Cos-plays, there so cool!

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Obi-wan Kenobi - Star Wars Portraits (Project) 

Requested by Anon (but I know it was you, sister :P) 

This wasn’t hard to do, but I took forever to finish just because my summertime scheduled is more distracting than ever—not that I’m unhappy with the circumstances :D:D:D.

More heads, on the way!

To request a Star Wars character portrait like this, you can go here to read about the rules. ****(requests closed for now) ****

 —» Current List of Requested Characters «—

"She’s on to me…"

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Y’all be missing me

I’m going to a place where I’ll be without internet for about 10 days. So no updates till then, in the meantime have a great summer! :D

(Not like many of you will notice this; you’re all outside having fun, not checking out some fan obsessed blog.) ;P

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It’s July 22 and guess who turned 45? That’s right mister, James Arnold Talyor. (Sorry ladies, he’s spoken for.) ;P

He’s been a voice actor since 1995 (The year I was born,) and has been going on ever since. This guy has played many, many roles; to our personal favorite as General Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars: the Clone Wars.

Happy birthday; we all hope you have a great day with lots of cake. (Unless of course you prefer something else.) :D

(P.S I’m so sorry dear followers that I forgot dear Anna Graves Birthday, it was May 12 and I wasn’t online. Next year though I’ll remember!)

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"Had you said the word…"

"I would tell you of how we were marvelously dawn by dyingsighs in this picture."

Because this… is… so… CUTE! I LOVE THE ARGYLE BACKGROUND AND EVERYTHING ELSE! It’s so perfect. Somebody, knit this into a sweater in my size!

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