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A Walk With The Children by TheArcticFox9

Let’s see, we got a Satine rooting for the fact that Obi-wan is now hers, two young boys pretending to be Jedi knights, a father giving his daughter a piggy back ride as she agrees with him on how ridiculous her brothers are. <3

Yep, I need to start a family tag. 

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For a thousand years I’ve waited, a thousand years we’ve slept,
So that one day you’d be with me, will that promise be kept?
Stand tall loved one, when evil’s at your door,
They can cut you down, but your star shines ever more.

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R.I.P. Satine by J-Dubi

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Captain Kryze by TiffanyEtch-A-Sketch

I told you I’d draw Satine in PileofSith’s outfit. :D I love her coat design! <3 ^^

Oh wow, I love the design for the rest of her outfit, it really suits her! :D She looks very cool: all ready for action and adventure! I’m also reminded of the awesome character Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet (a super underloved cartoon with some nice SW-like elements) - I’m pretty sure they’d appreciate each other, both being Ladies in Charge of Things, too.

I’m so happy you love it. :D I got inspiration from two characters, Captain Amelia and Napoleon. Yeah, I think her and Amelia would get along well considering their personalities. ^^ Her and Napoleon, not so much. XD

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Obi-Wan Kenobi by Otis Frampton // Satine Kryze by Martheus Wade

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Good Morning, Love by The TheArcticFox9

Inspired by the scene from ‘Yours, Mine and Ours’ when their kids crawl into their bed at night. Only to realize their presence when they wake up.

That is so cute! And guess what? There is going to be more family art to come for these two! I might just have to start a family tag. 0_o

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You’ve thought of this before haven’t you? You totally did!

(via 伯爵も)

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   ☪an..☩ . You..★ . Spo☨..♐ . The..♥ . ♇a☨☨ern?✍

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Have You Ever Wondered? by TheArcticFox9

A non-cannon drawing of what I thought Obi-Wan Kenobi and Satine Kryze’s children would have looked like. Obi-Wan has the supportive and kind hearted personality that every good father needs, and he once expressed a quote that I found very sad regarding family. 
"That’s why children are such a blessing—- to those who are, of course, permitted to have them"

As the artist said, that is a really sad quote. I wish Obi-Wan could have been a father, I bet he’d be a lot happier if they were a part of his life.

I love this picture and I hope more people would attempt this thoughtful subject. ^^ 

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28-year-old Samantha Barry from Los Angeles, dressed as Duchess Satine from the Series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

Found here —> Cos-players

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According to this, I’m a Dooku drawer. XD

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Old Ben by TerribleToadQueen

My husband asked me to draw Obi Wan from Star Wars The Clone Wars since it is my new favorite thing.

You gave him an adorable beard. ;P I thank your husband for suggesting Obi-wan. :D

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We’d be honored to have you participate in voting, even if you’re unable to participate in the event. Voting will be held between April 5th—April 11th, one week.

Click Here To Vote!

Any unanswered questions you have about Anidala Week 2014, feel free to contact us through our askbox. Good Luck! Have Fun! But Most Importantly — MTFBWY, Always.


Anidala Week 2014 has been organized by Matereya, Shorelle and Kazaikos 

The Obi-Tine-Blog gives it’s support! :D Hey you guys, Are any of you up to doing fan art for these two love birds? Weather it be artwork, edits or videos, you’d be doing me an honour if you participated. :D

(And if this goes well I may just consider hosting an Obitine Week.)

(via kazaikos)

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Dancing on a Ballroom Cloud by TiffanyEtch-A-Sketch

I JUST MADE ART! Take that, dead computer and no art programs! You cant stop me from using Da Muro! Ha HA!!!!

(Obi-wan and Satine, best couple in my heart.)

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Who wouldn’t want this hanging on their wall???

Full depiction of Obi-wan Kenobi from Star Wars: the Clone Wars by Scott Harben, a multi talented artist who is works in; photography, digital illustration and film.  

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